Get the Picture! - Camera Awesome App (Review)

Camera Awasome Review - MobileMaps - De allersnelste route naar... Nieuws, Informatie, Downloads, Muziek, Mobiele (Smart) Telefoons, Goedkope Abonnementen, Vette Programma's, Laatste Aanbiedingen, Muziek Tracks, Games, Wallpapers, Realtones, Handige Informatie, en nog veel meer met betrekking tot Smartphone devices!In this review I'll tell you some more about the (for now free) iPhone App 'Camera Awesome'. As the name of this App already explains... it got something to do with making photos (and also a little with videos). What makes this App different from the 'regular' iPhone Camera App is the fact that it has dozens of extras like Image Effects, Image Stabilization and Composition Grids.

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Mobile Game Review: Rat On A Skateboard

Mobile Game Review - Rat On A Skateboard - The Fastest Route To... News, Information, Downloads, Music, Mobile Phones, Cheap Subscriptions, Cool Apps, Latest Offers, Music Tracks, Games, Wallpapers, Realtones, Handy Information and Lots of more in relation to Mobile and Smartphone devices!The first review of a mobile game named 'Rat on A Skateboard' from Donut Games, known from other cool (free) games like 'Rat on a Snowboard', 'Rat on a Scooter' and 'Traffic Rush'!

It's available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Requires iOS 3.0). At moment it's free to download the App from the iTunes App Store!

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